Computer Applications A/B


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Students wanting to learn computer skills high in demand in college and the workplace will enjoy taking Computer Applications in Business A/B offered in Bowman's computer lab. All coursework offers students an opportunity to develop digital literacy skills for working and communicating efficiently and effectively in a digital world!

Digital skills are highly valued in college and in the modern workplace! Find more information at: Skills You Need

Students will have instruction and practice in the following software and applications:

                • Microsoft Office 2016 Suite, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
                • Open source software including Windows Movie Maker and Prezi
                • E-mail etiquette; setting up and managing a Gmail account
                • Google Apps, including Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations

Students will gain valuable skills as they practice collecting, storing, distributing and communicating information within a business context. They will develop "Skills for Success" by creating professional workplace documents as well as creating and presenting multi-media projects. Programming is introduced each semester through participation in "Hour of Code," and an introduction to SCRATCH.

Daily practice emphasizes the fundamentals and established practice of good file management and organization specific to the computer. Students will develop 21st century digital technology skills through practice and collaboration with their peers.

Computer Applications A and B is a two semester course; this course is offered within the Information Technology Pathway. The course sequence aligns with COC courses CAWT 150, 155, 165. High school students completing Computer Apps A/B will have the necessary skills to enroll in and succeed in CAWT 150, 155 and 165.

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