Gallery of Student Work/Web Development I/II

Web Sites:

Fall Web Dev Class 2017: Students created Web sites using HTML and CSS; students chose the theme and/or subject of their Web sites

Student Web Sites Fall 2018


Student Web Sites Fall 2017
Jose A - Soccer Jonathan B - Server
Tristin B - Subaru James C - Squid
Fatima C - Fashion Robert C - Rome
Chadi D - Videos Jose E - Cars
Karla F - Fashion Hayley H - Polar Bears
Jesus H - Hypebeast Vivian M - Nike

Fall Web Dev Class 2017: Web Banners

Spring Web Dev Class 2017: Students created Web sites using HTML and CSS; students chose the theme/subject of their respective Web sites:

Student Web Sites: Spring 2017
Jose T - Universe Ramon-Playstation
Ramon-Blizzard Jose_G_WormHoles
AustinS-Hybeast Victor_C_NFL
Diego-Motorhead Brandon_G_Athletes
Tieler_J_Metallica Elijah_Dragon_Ball
Cameron_UFC Gustavo-Cars
Austin C_Photosite Hayden-CS
Cynthia-Nike JacobH-Skateboard
JohnD-CSS NicA-Skateboard
Steven - Skateboard Melissa-Tiller


Fall 2016: Students used digital cameras to take original photos of the Bowman campus and then used PhotoShop to create banners for their Web pages. Students created Web pages using HTML and CSS-External Style Sheets, for this assignment. The assignment was to create a minimum of two pages for a Bowman Web site. Check out the student work via the following links: Austin C | Austin S | Christian | Cynthia | Erika | Hayden | Henry | John | Jordan | Naiely | Nic | Ramon | Riley | Sam | Sandy | Steven |

Fall 2015: Andres-DogHouse | Jessica-CoffeeHouse | Kaley-Cupcakes | Marco-CD_Guadalajara | Tyler-StarCitizen | Jessie-Ford | Nick-RonnieMac | Chance-SCV_LED

Fall 2014: Anelise | Juan | Jessie | Jonathan_G | Jonathan_P | Marlin | Kyle | Jordan | Robert | Sergio

Fall 2013: Noah | Matt | Vivian | Amber | Adonay | Chandler | Jose | Tyler

PhotoShop Projects:

- 2016 Room Project
- 2016 Postcard Graphic Project
- Room Project - Post Card Graphic Project
- Collage Project
- Magazine Project | More Magazine Project

The pictures below represent a photo assignment where students used digital cameras to take a series of pictures while on the Bowman campus. They then used Adobe Photoshop to add borders and filters to create interesting digital images. For more student work, see Gallery of Student Work

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