Homework/Extra Credit



All students have an opportunity to earn extra credit by completing current event assignments or by attending community events. See current event assignments below and/or check out Sandy's BHS Web site for extra credit opportunities posted throughout the school year.

Link to Sandy's BHS Extra Credit/Homework page



Current Events/Extra Credit Assignments:

Download "General Directions" - All directions must be followed for credit; work will be returned if the directions are not followed and if the teacher cannot read the students' work. Please note on the directions that when answering the questions, the question must be included in the answer. For example, if the question is "What color is the sky?" The correct written answer would include the question and the answer: "The color of the sky is blue." The directions are the same for each of the following current events (all homework must be turned in no later than the Monday of the grading period):

*Current Event Discussion Questions from Izzit.org
All extra credit assignments must be turned in on or before the Monday of the end of the grading period! Maximum extra credit that may be earned: 1/2 credit a week. Only students who attend class regularly will be able to earn extra credit. Extra credit is a privilege that must be earned!