Web Development I/II


Web Design & Adobe Photoshop CS6

See Gallery of Student Work

Learn Web and graphic arts skills using industry standard software including Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop , as well as HTML + CSS basics!

In Web Development I/II, students learn how to create and maintain Web sites/Web pages using templates, CSS, basic coding and authoring applications. They will learn copyright law and the ethical considerations of copyright and fair use. In addition to learning how to create and maintain Web sites, students will learn and apply written composition, editing, research, and interpersonal skills as they specifically relate to the field of Web Development. Adobe Photoshop skills are taught in Web Dev. I/II.

See Gallery for examples of student work. This course is offered as part of the Information Technology Pathway.

The Web Development I/II course sequence aligns with COC's course CAWT173 Website Development SoftwareIDreamweaver. and CAWT074 Introduction to PhotoShop Brief. High school students who have completed Web Development I/II will have the necessary skills to enroll in and succeed in CAWT 173 and 074.

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